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Truck Camper Load Check - tcLoadCheck.com

The truck camper compatibility calculator that provides realistic truck camper load estimates.

Take most of the guess work out of matching the correct truck and camper configuration. Selecting the correct truck and camper combination can be a bit tedious and could give some folks a headache. With the Truck Camper Load Check app, users will improve the possibility of getting it right before they buy it. One of the last things a buyer wants to see is the bed of their truck collapse to the axle from a camper that was too heavy after loading it up for camping.

This app is compatible on all mobile devices with Internet connection and a browser. Book mark it now for future use.

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Fifth Wheel Street. (FWS) is the one-stop, self-help RV safety website providing tow capacity information, tow ratings, towing guides, and important RV assistance to match up tow vehicles and trailers correctly, the first time. Our weight safety calculators with the industry-leading 13-point Weight Safety Report for 5th wheel or gooseneck trailers and conventional trailers will expose the truth about your current load conditions. We provide free web based RV calculator apps as well as mobile device apps. FWS assists all RV travelers, including truck camper owners, all who tow fifth wheel or gooseneck trailers, and conventional trailers such as bumper pull travel trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers, as well as motorcoaches towing a car or trailer.

Our Mission

Fifth Wheel Street. is dedicated to promoting recreational vehicle safety by providing educational materials, simplified weighing worksheets, free web-based RV safety calculator apps with weight safety reports to assist truck camper owners and all who tow fifth wheel, gooseneck and conventional towables.

Our Vision for tcLoadCheck.com

To aid in the reduction of buyer's stress and truck camper rigs exceeding the weight safety ratings.

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