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Compliant per SAE J2807

The RV Tow Check App is now available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

Viewing Different Results

  • The maximum percentage is the initial default.
  • You may select different pin weight (PW) or tongue weight (TW) percentages to view possible realistic vehicle towing capacity changes based on available payload.
  • In some cases, the realistic vehicle towing capacity may not change on part of, or all of, the percentage scale while selecting different PW/TW percentages. This is because the towing capacity is limited by the GCWR or the TWR. Additional info about GCWR and TWR is available on the glossary page.
  • Selecting a higher percentage for a safety margin does not assume the actual TW/PW your trailer will have.
  • If you know the loaded PW/TW percentage of your trailer, you could select the percentage closest to, but not less than, your trailer's PW/TW percentage. For a safer margin, consider increasing the percentage by at least one point.
  • To obtain unknown PW/TW percentages of the trailer you own, visit Fifth Wheel Street. and follow the industry leading four-step weight safety plan.
  • If all entries were pounds, the results will be in pounds. Likewise, if all entires were kilograms, the results will be in kilograms.

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Other Resources

The best resource to obtain specific information on your vehicle is your local dealer. Provide your vehicle's VIN to the local dealer service or parts department—they can provide a vehicle configuration report.

Get Information About Your Vehicle From Off-site Resources (including curb weight)
Ford Truck Forum VIN Decoder
Dodge Forum VIN Decoder
Chevrolet Forum VIN Decoder
(May work for most any vehicle)

Fifth Wheel Street has tow rating infromation available on several brands and models of trucks.

Do you want to get the quick rundown on the 2017 trucks? Visit the following three pages.
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If your current vehicle's max 5th wheel weight is significantly less than the max conventional weight, and you were hoping to tow a 5th wheel, read our hands-on review about the Automated Safety Hitch System.
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