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"This is the best towing calc tool I've used so far." [sic] B. Pollock, Facebook

"This calculator makes it much more obvious and easy to understand just what we are doing. Thanks." Heartland RV Club member

"RV Tow Check App should be called the RV Sales BS Detector." [sic] RV forum member, 8Muddypaws

"I just had a tough time deciding which Ram 3500 CC 4x4 to choose. 68RFE or Aisin transmission. Short bed or long bed. SRW or DRW. I choose the long bed, DRW with Aisin. Using the calculator I am golden for towing my 15,500 GVWR 5th wheel. But, if I had chosen the 68RFE transmission, I would be right on the edge. The other options would have put me under." [sic] Heartland RV Club member

"I've decided after… punching my daughter's trucks numbers into the RV Tow Check app, there is "NO 1/2 ton 5th wheel" under the 6000 lbs GVWR, that her F150 should be able to safely tow!!! Dad is going to wise up and recommend she shop for a bumper pull." [sic] Heartland RV Club member

More info about RV Tow Check

  • This tool is a must have for anyone owning or considering a tow vehicle less than a late-model one-ton dually truck.
  • Published maximum tow ratings are not always realistic because they do not account for your personal towing situation and the tow-ready vehicle weight.
  • Four formula sets are required to calculate accurate towing capacity. If you don't know these precise calculations, then RV Tow Check is the tool you need to obtain your tow vehicle’s realistic vehicle towing capacity (RVTC).
  • 81,429 People trusted the web-based RV Tow Check in 2016. Now you can use it without Internet access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • 87 Second RVTC demo video HERE.—Five minute RVTC instruction video HERE.

Manufacturer's specs+tow vehicle weight+RV Tow Check
ealistic Vehicle Towing Capacity

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  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app debuted on May 3, 2017.

In memoriam—Fundraiser for six-month-old baby Colt

Colt Tuff ShafferThe morning after Memorial Day 2017, I became aware of a horrific tragedy in Lincoln County, Kentucky. It was caused by a travel trailer becoming disconnected from a truck. The trailer then moved into the opposite lane and met head-on into an SUV. The SUV driver was killed, and six-month-old Colt Tuff Shaffer was severely injured. By Thursday morning I learned that Colt was not going to make it and he succumbed to his injuries a little while later.

I cannot ever relate to what the family has endured during this time. However, this tragedy hit me with much sorrow, sadness, and anger. Out of my anger, I created a new page entitled, How to Properly Hook Up Your Conventional Trailer. A few days later I felt a strong urge to do more. Therefore, during the month of June, I decided to sacrifice $1 dollar from the sale of each RV Tow Check App for iOS devices to the GoFundMe account set up for Colt.

First news report
One killed, three injured after bad crash in Lincoln County
Second news report
Family donating organs of six-month-old: "My baby is going to be a superhero"

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