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We are the one-stop, self-help RV safety website providing tow capacity information, tow ratings, towing guides, and important RV assistance to match up tow vehicles and trailers correctly, the first time. Our weight safety calculators with the industry-leading 13-point Weight Safety Report for 5th wheel or gooseneck trailers and conventional trailers will expose the truth about important load conditions. We provide web based and mobile app calculators and printable worksheets for all RV travelers that assist truck camper owners, all who tow fifth wheel or gooseneck trailers, and conventional trailers such as bumper pull travel trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers, as well as motorcoaches towing a car or trailer.

Five Easy Steps...

Step 1: Choose, print and provide answers on the appropriate worksheet.

Step 2: Weigh your vehicle with your trailer (RV) or other towable attached.

Step 3: Weigh your vehicle without your trailer (RV) or other towable attached.

Step 4: Enter the data from your worksheet into the RV Safety Report Calculator.

Step 5: Adjust load distribution and inflate tires per tire load inflation recommendations.

... To Obtain Your Safety Report

Are you towing below the load ratings?

The RV Safety & Education Foundation data indicates that 57% of all RVs on the road exceed one or more weight safety ratings.

Additionally, the following exceed at least one rating:

  • 60% of tow vehicles
  • 51% of travel trailers
  • 55% of 5th wheel trailers

Also, at least 50% of all trailers exceed the GVWR

Ensure you're not the one exceeding a load rating.

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Did you know...

That on any RV forum you'll read statements similar to the following?

"You cannot change the manufactures tow rating or carrying capacity."


"You may be able to change the capabilities of the truck, if you address all weak links in the chain, but you cannot change the manufacturer's rating."

The big question is, is there any part of this assertion true?

After an informative conversation with a representative at NHTSA, we have an answer. Read the following article to learn more.

The Truth about Altering Vehicle Weight Certification

FWS is here to provide you...

The best one-stop resource to ensure you know how to understand fifth (5th) wheel towing capacity and conventional towing capacity such as bumper pull travel trailers. Our information will help you decide the best truck to pull a 5th wheel. Use our weight safety towing calculators to help you know how much your truck is towing and answer the question "What can I tow with my truck?" Learn what is GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) and GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) that answers the question “How big of a 5th wheel can I tow.” We have various towing capacity charts and towing guides as well as important information you need to know about the Trailer Life Towing Guide. Our side-by-side truck towing chart will help you find right tow vehicle for a fifth wheel or travel travel trailer. You’ll find important tire pressure charts covering most vehicles, including tire speed rating charts, information on tire wear patterns and measuring tire tread depth. You’ll learn about truck scales and how to use them. There are two articles discussing the Automated Safety Hitch System. You’ll also find videos covering topics such as towing safety, tire care, how to handle an RV tire blowout, how to hook up a fifth wheel, how to use a slider hitch and disastrous tire blowouts caught on video.

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"Can a F150 or 1500 ( half-ton) truck tow a fifth wheel trailer?"

As evident in the picture above, we at FWS have determined that for typical RV use, none of the light duty trucks are capable of handling the weight and size these trailers. The rear axle will be overloaded and driving conditions may be unsafe.

Fortunately, the elderly man diving this half ton towing the fifth wheel was unhurt, as reported by another RVer. "They were in the right lane and made contact with a car in the left lane. The driver swerved to the right, then over corrected causing the trailer to swerve even more and tipped, dragging the truck with it. When they righted it, the 5th wheel is pretty much totaled and likely the truck will be as well. "